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Natpure Paneer is prepared using pure farm fresh milk which results in great taste and nutrition. Great taste makes it perfect food to be consumed in raw form or for any other dishes & curries.

Health benefits:

• Paneer is a rich source of protein. It builds immunity and makes heart healthy.
• High protein content helps slow release of sugar in blood and prevents abrupt hike & decline in blood sugar levels.
• Paneer is good source of potassium and magnesium. It helps digestion. After eating paneer, stomach feels full which helps in loosing and controlling weight.
• Richness of Calcium and Vitamin D in paneer makes it ideal source for bone strengthening. Kids or adults can consume paneer for healthy bones and teeth.
• Paneer is a good source of easily digestible fatty acids which do not get stored. Easily digestible fats and low cards help in weight loss.
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