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  • 100% Natural, Pure and Fresh milk
  • No Preservatives, No Milk Powder&No added cream
  • No Chemicals & 100 % Adulteration Free.

If you like wholesome pure buffalo milk, then Natpure Buffalo Milk is the right choice for you. This creamiest milk is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and other essential nutrients. As it is fresh and delivered within few hours of milking to your doorstep, it has great taste and flavor which is liked by youngest to oldest member in the family. Nothing is added or removed from the milk. It is delivered in the original form to customer under the best cold chain.

Health benefits:

• A glass of buffalo milk everyday is a great source of minerals & nutrients.
• Improves bone strength and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
• Beta-lactoglobulin and potassium in buffalo milk may help reduce high blood pressure.
• Buffalo milk has antioxidant properties due to its vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds.
• Contains good fat which helps in reducing bad cholesterol.
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